Inflatable Pubs and Night Clubs 

Overnight Hire

Liverpool and Surrounding Areas 

The Garrison as featured in 'Peaky Blinders'

Hold your own party in your garden. Perfect for Birthdays and Special Events. Fantastic Backdrop! 

4m x 4m and arrives with 4 tables enough for 32.

Perfect wind barrier, light rain proof  but leakages may occur in heavy rainfall.

£195 overnight hire

VIP  Nighclub Lounge 

Overnight Hire- 15ft x 15ft 

Groundsheet included and seating area. 

£195 Overnight Hire to Liverpool and surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions about the inflatable nightclub and pub...

1 - When do we deliver?

We endeavour to deliver between 8am -12pm. Pick up is organised for the following day between ourselves.

2 - Are they waterproof?

In light rain yes. In heavier rain there will be leakages.

3 - Do they come with tables and benches?


4 - What size are the structures?

4m x 4m

5. Is there a deposit to be paid?

Yes, we ask for a £25 deposit to hold your date 

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